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Take Action
And Get Involved

To fulfill our goal of halting the roll-out of Retail CBDC to us, the public, Follow these basic steps:


  1. Download the petition. (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

  2. Sign the petition, you can have others sign your petition

  3. Email, fax or mail a copy of this letter to each of your State Representatives, Senators,  Councilman and Governor. 

       State Representatives. :

       Senators:    Senators Email Addresses (

       Google the identity and contact info of your Councilman and Governor

  4. Purchase and wear your T-shirt everywhere.

  5. Speak to your neighbors, friends, and social media followers about CBDC

  6. Encourage them to have an opinion and express it to our elected officials​

  7. Follow us on Social Media.

  8. Get more information on You Tube about CBDC from others who are reporting on it.


There are 3 types of CBDC: 

     Wholesale CBDC which is needed by the banks, big business and the government.

     - Hybrid CBDC:  The owner has a direct claim on the Central Bank that issued the CBDC.

     - Retail CBDC:  Which will be issued to the public.

This Campaign has started late. Retail CBDC has not yet been put into law, so its not too late. We have to say better late than never. If we do nothing, we run the risk of waking up one day to be told that we can no longer use cash. In fact, cash will be declared illegal and we have a new system of money.

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